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Good Health comes from a good diet and proper exercise and regular vet care.
   A healthy dog is not fat or too thin , you can feel his ribs when you press gently on his sides and he has waist but he is not so thin that you can see all of his ribs when just looking at him.  He should have clear eyes and a shiny coat. 
   Proper exercise for a puppy is play, play and more play.  Walks are appropriate when he is fully vaccinated, until then you can work on leash walking skills in your own yard.  Strenuous or repetitive exercise such as jogging or daily trips to run on the beach before a year old can lead to joint damage and other issues and nullifies our warranty.
    Vaccines should be given at least 3 weeks apart and not doubled up.  Many vets like to give a DHPP and Rabies at the same time but we don't recommend it. We recommend giving DPv (distemper and parvo only) instead of DHPP until the boosters at a year and giving only 1 type of vaccine at a time and separating them by 3 to 4 weeks. We highly recommend titer testing to determine immunity to diseases we vaccinate for and once immunity is established to refrain from giving vaccines. Vaccines do not boost immunity, you either are or are not immune.

What to look for in a dog food:

A premium dog food will have meat or meat meal in the first 2 ingredients and preferably both in the first 3 ingredients.  It will be corn and by-product free.  It should not have preservatives like BHA or BHT but instead use natural preservatives like mixed tocopherals.  The Whole Dog Journal rates foods each Feb. .  We also Occasionally feed raw food to our adult dogs.

At Bear River we feed 2 times a day. We feed Canidae Lamb and Rice and Honest Kitchen. We rotate flavors with the Honest Kitchen, which is a dehydrated raw food that we mix with warm water. I like the convenience of kibble but the health benefits of raw so this is a good compromise for us.

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