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letters of recommendation

Lindy /Dodger Litter and Glory/Clyde Litter

Just wanted to say hello! Buster and Josey are doing great and play together everyday! Kerry and I took the pups to the vet together this week! Our Vet and the entire staff at a-plus animal Hospital were very impressed with the pups and loved the books you put together for us! They were all praising you! So we wanted to say thank you and let you know everyone is doing wonderful! Thanks again!
Katie and Kerry 

Amber/Indy litter

From Dusty/Neptune litter
I adopted a labradoodle from Barb of Bear River Doodles in December.  We are very very happy with our puppy and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Barb has been a wonderful support to us and we would be extremely happy to adopt another dog from her some day.  She really goes all out to be sure you are happy and knowledgeable about your pup.

Toby, is now 7 months old and has been a joy to our family.  He has a wonderful disposition.  He is well liked by both people and other dogs.  He plays beautifully with other dogs.  He is crate trained.

Dusty/Neptune Litter

Hello,  I am writing to share our wonderful experience with Bear River Doodle.  I can honestly say, the purchase of our precious dog, Emma, has been nothing but fantastic.  First of all, she is an exceptional dog.  She is sweet, smart, gentle, fun and most of all very healthy and happy. 


We had such a positive experience with Barb, the owner of Bear River Doodles.  We were so impressed with the care she gave us, as this was our first dog….and we needed her advice.  She was straightforward and really helped us make the right decision.  She was a perfectionist about the health of Emma.  We were required to bring our new dog to our vet within a few days of bringing her home.  Our Vet was so impressed with the quality of our new pet and still thinks she is a fantastic dog.


Since we’ve owned Emma since December, we are constantly stopped by strangers asking about her.  She loves people and so they are very impressed by such a beautiful and friendly dog.  She loves children, too. 


We are so thrilled with our dog, Emma and highly recommend Bear River Doodles based on our experience.


Let us know if you have any specific questions, we would be happy to answer.


All the best…Carolyn

Meadow/Triton litter
(Bear River Doodles)
I just wanted to say thank you for raising such an amazing dog. We adopted our sweet Nico at 4 months old and he is truly the most amazing puppy. I am so glad we waited and got an older puppy. Nico was already crate trained and still continues to sleep in his crate at night from 10pm-6:30 am.  He is so close to being fully potty trained and does an amazing job on walks. He is so mellow .  We are in love with him!! Thank you a million times over!
The Kaufman Family

Barb asked me to write a letter about our experience working with her. She wanted me to explain what it was like getting one of her puppy’s sight unseen, from 2,300 miles away. The truth is that it was scary. We had lost a dog suddenly when an undiagnosed heart tumor burst and it left a very large hole in our hearts and lives.

The new puppy not only would have to accept our other timid dog’s fragile new alpha status but it would also have to move seamlessly through our very busy lives. Attending two different sporting events a day after a nursing home visit would be a normal day for our pup. So the puppy had to be submissive enough to be accepted by our other dog and outgoing enough to take on an entire baseball team in a game of catch. To make matters worse we had other requirements….chocolate, small, no shed, male, same fur as our other dog, trainable to an electric fence….the list went on and on…but most importantly this dog had to be so sweet it stole our broken hearts.

Barb listened patiently to us. She sent us picture after picture. She would tell us stories about the puppies. She’d say “I don’t think you want to consider this dog because ….or you should take a closer look at these dogs because …” When it came time for the trainer/puppy visits we held our breath. But the trainer picked three dogs that would best fit our family. WHAT? The top choice was everything we’d wanted but she was female? Our other two choices were male but both Barb and the trainer agreed, the female was our best fit. Long story short we had come to trust Barb so we took a leap of faith. Though we’d never had a female dog before, we chose Luna.

Luna is now two and is everything we imagined. She is so sweet and silly everybody loves her. Even my in-laws who just left after a week-long visit suggested Luna could come home with them! Last night, after a nap snuggled next to our other doodle, Luna sleepily climbed the stairs and laid down next to our boy’s bed. This morning my son asked “What happens when I go to college, Luna can come right?” When I explained that was not practical he said “Maybe I can go to college somewhere around here.”

Well done Barb! I am so glad we trusted you and your selection process. You listened to every word we said and then brought us our sweet baby Luna. She has healed our hearts and home. Even our eight year old doodle has come out of his shell thanks to Luna’s good-hearted, submissive yet relentless pestering! We tell friends she is not perfect, but she is the perfect pup for us! Thank you Barb, I am glad to let folks know what a smart, kind and honest lady you are!



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