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Introducing Bear River's Sweet Potato Pie aka Tater. She was born on Thanksgiving thus her name. At 30 lbs she is at the top of the range for a mini. She comes from a long line of service and therapy dogs. She is very sweet and snuggly and smart. She excels at K9 nose work and is a joy to train. .

Tater is:

OFA Hips-Good

OFA Elbows-Normal

OFA Heart-Normal

OFA Eyes (formerly CERF) -Normal

Thyroid Normal Hemopet /Hemolife

GR_PRA1 clear via parentage

DM clear by parentage

PRA-Prcd clear via parentage and paw print genetics Paw Print Genetics Panel- clear for all except a carrier of ICH (always bred to tested clear) Carries for chocolate

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