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Why do health testing?

At Bear River Doodles we believe that in order to have the healthiest puppies it is important to screen our breeding dogs for known canine ailments and heritable diseases in order to breed only the healthiest dogs.  We test to the highest standards possible and work hard to keep current on new tests available for our breeds. We believe that while there are no perfect dogs it is important to choose the dogs that are as close to perfect as we can get.  We have made the tough decision to cut dogs from the program that were perfect in every way with exception of a poor score in one area of the testing we do.  When a dog fails testing they are placed in loving pet homes.

Tests that we do

Hips-xrays sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for scoring
Elbows-xrays sent to OFA
Patellas-screened by our vet and cleared by OFA
Heart-Cleared by our vet and OFA
Paw Print Genetics Goldendoodle Disease Panel
Thyroid-we send all thyroid testing to Hemopet/Hemolife to be evaluated by Dr. W. Jean Dodds-only dogs clear of low thyroid and auto-immune thyroiditis are used for breeding. This test is repeated every 18 mos
CERF-we have our dogs eyes examined by dialated exam every 18 mos to screen for cataracts, glaucoma etc
All of our dogs are clear for Von Willibrands disease by parentage.
Paw Print Genetics- DNA testing for inherited diseases.

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