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Bear River Doodle Pups that have become service

We are very pleased to announce that Odin has passed his certifications as a PTSD Service Dog and is going to our friend Retired SGT Arlo Doyle.  We are so proud of our boy and are thrilled that he will make Arlo's life better.
We are grateful to Kevin Cameron and the team at Alpha K9 for the help in training Odin as a PTSD dog.

Odin at Disneyland


Graduating Class of 2016

Service Dog Team

Savannah and Taxi

Raised by Tom & Jennifer Killinger

Bred by Canine Angels

Naming Rights sponsored by Julie Hagerty

A Lover of green-apple Dum Dums, swimming, and Netflix, Savannah is an incredibly passionate, witty, 17 year old with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which affects many aspects of her health including her mobility. She hopes that her new service dog, Taxi, will help her retrieve important items like her epi-pen and cell phone. Will go get help in a medical emergency, provide comfort and assistance during long hospital stays, as well as help with bracing and balance support. She is most looking forward to training balance work. In the future Savannah wants to go to college to become a doctor.

Assisted Service Dog Teams

Christopher and Shelby

Raised by Ev Paz & Henry Van Pelt

Bred by Canine Angels

Christopher, a nine year old with Cerebral Palsy is described by his Dad as being positive, happy, and upbeat. Some of his favorite things include swimming and chocolate donuts. He says that his favorite thing he has learned is how to make the dogs happy. He also looks forward to teaching his new service dog, Shelby, to turn off and on lights, retrieve dropped items and how to "go get help" when he needs it. In the future Christopher would like to become a police officer.

Peter and Diesel

Raised by Kris Brewer

Bred by Canine Angels

A Recent high school graduate and soon to be college student, Peter wants to go to school to become a priest. His favorite dessert is Reeses Peanut butter cups, and even though his favorite command thus far has been "jump," he most looks forward to teaching Diesel to "bow" and "pray." In his spare time Peter likes to hangout with friends, go shopping, and go to Disneyland. He hopes that his new service dog, Diesel, can help him be more independent by helping with things like doors, light switches, and picking up dropped items. Getting into college was difficult, but there's no doubt that his dog will help him overcome the trials ahead.

Samantha and Jetta

Raised by Sue Mitchell

Bred by Canine Angels

Sponsored by The Disneyland Resort

Cast Community Fund

7 year-old Sammie, an aspiring artist who has Cerebral Palsy. Sammie LOVES painting and drawing (her favorite things to draw are flower chains and tracings of her hands), playing with her Barbies, and eating anything chocolate . Her favorite thing she learned in class was "how to make the dogs happy." She hopes that her new service dog, Jetta, can help her transfer from her wheelchair to the couch without her Dad's help, as well as turn on and off her bedroom light, and pick up her markers when she drops them. Sammie says one of the hardest challenges she has had to face has been learning how to stand.

Shelby and Java

Raised by Kent Rasmussen & Sharon Illions

Bred and donated by Barb Schwab,

Bear River Doodles

Shelby is a 15 year who loves cookie dough ice cream, swimming, and horseback riding. For Shelby having autism means having a hard time making friends, but her family's recent experience puppy raising for CAST has shown them that having a dog out in public can help draw others to Shelby and develop stronger relationships with those around her. It is their hope that this will only continue when she is placed with an assisted service dog of her very own. Shelby says that her favorite thing that she learned in class was how to tell the dog to load up in the car. She took particular interest in the rules regarding this task and always made sure everyone knew how to do it safely. She most looks forward to showing Jetta how to jump on her bed to snuggle. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Shelby said that she would like to become a veterinarian because she loves animals.

Facility Teams

Amanda and Sir Dunkin

University of Southern California

Office for Wellness & Health Promotion

Raised by Nancy Kuwabara

Bred & Donated by Barb Schwab, Bear River Doodles

Sponsored by the John Gogian Family Foundation

Amanda works at the University of Southern California where her job is to develop and bring in proactive programs that promote a healthy lifestyle on the college's campus-- the over arching goal is to prevent health issues before they start. Through both experience and research Amanda and her colleagues have discovered that the good majority of health related issues both mental and physical are catalyzed by one thing: stress. In attempts to help students cope with the pressures of their post-secondary experience, the university started bringing therapy dogs onto the grounds during periods of high stress (finals and midterms).

Tiffany and Blue

Grandma's House Assisted Living Facility

Raised by Barb Schwab

Bred & Donated by Barb Schwab, Bear River Doodles

Tiffany owns, not one, TWO assisted living facilities in Grants Pass, Oregon. Tiffany was joined by 4 of her family members at team training so that they could all learn how to best make use of their new facility dog, Blue. Blue will be a huge asset to the Alzheimer's patients at Grandma's House. In addition to stimulating a social response, dementia patients may benefit from the presence of a facility animals because of:

Reduced agitation. Agitation behaviors, common among dementia patients, are reduced in the presence of a dog.

Physical activity. Depending on a patient's mobility, they may be able to groom the animal, toss a ball, or even go for a short walk.

Improved eating. Dementia patients have been shown to eat more following a dog's visit.

Pleasure. Some patients simply enjoy the presence of the dog and its human companion, as well as the tricks therapy dogs can do.

Pal Teams

Kainan and Maxwell

Raised by Lynne Evans

Bred & Donated by Barb Schwab, Bear River Doodles

Kirsten and Jolly

Raised by Peggy Spencer

Bred & Donated by Signature Labradoodles

Canine Angels Service Teams

13475 N. Applegate Road

Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

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